Manon Tilstra & Dwayne Zandvliet
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Manon Tilstra & Dwayne Zandvliet

In FOUR the Family we highlight families from our community.
FOUR is all about family and this is an ode to the connection between our inner circle and their loved ones.
Meet Manon Tilstra and Dwayne Zandvliet, who exude love and creativity in every facet of their lives. With three amazing kids—Néla, Yuna, and Lorí—this family epitomizes warmth, unity, and the delight of making memories. Their creativity knows no bounds, as evidenced by the recent launch of their own Studio: Ventidue 22.
How would you describe your family?

Chaotic, but above all, loving! Naturally, with three girls, every day is different and that always makes it fun and adventurous!
What does family mean to you?

A lot, of course! It may sound cliché, but we actually have everything we need with our little family. We are more than complete!
What would you like to pass on to your children?

I think mainly staying true to yourself and not comparing yourself too much to others. We would also like to pass on to our children that you should not let anyone tell you that you can't do something, and above all, do what you love!
How would you describe your/ your children's clothing style?

Néla already enjoys choosing her own clothes and lately, she knows exactly what she wants to wear. The rest of the kids are not so concerned with it yet. We describe our own clothing style as minimalist and above all comfortable. With three children, it's important to feel comfortable. We also love to dress up for special occasions.